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About The Designer

  • Inspired by the organic designs of nature, her art history studies and cultures around the world, Judith’s jewelry is distinctive and recognizable for its level of artisanship, beautiful colorations and unusual materials.

    Judith translates ethnic influences and modern style into one-of-a-kind wearable art. Cultures cross in jewelry that incorporates eclectic gemstones, ethnographic and vintage components and hand fabrications -- all in ample and generous pieces.

    Judith’s studio is filled with extensive collections of turquoise, jade, coral, amber and pearls. The endless colors, shapes and textures of the materials provide inspiration for her designs. “My goal is to offer beautiful jewelry that women can wear to express their sense of self and style", she states, adding, “I am in awe of what mother nature creates, and endlessly inspired by jewelry artisans around the world and throughout history.”

    In addition to her vast collection of stones and pearls, Judith’s studio brims with a diverse assortment of Tibetan pendants, tribal beads, antique carved jade and many other components from cultures around the world. All of this provides a stimulating environment for the artist’s creative process.

    Judith studied the History of Art at Rutgers University and the University of London before receiving her MBA. After an accomplished corporate career in consumer products, fashion apparel and textiles she launched Judith Altman Designs in 2004. Her work is showcased in fine retail locations across the country.

We have 5 jewels by this designer.